Starting from 1985

The company has been keeping continuous innovation and development starting from 1985 so as to provide excellent products and continue to acquire recognition from the customers,
therefore, it will be keeping provide the better and more professional service to buyers.

Producing highly multiple stronger and functional monofilament .

Producing diameter range form 0.08mm to 3.50mm of filament is YO-LIN Monofilament Co., Ltd. main products,
meanwhile, it provides many kind of colors and specifications to customized products.

Corporate History


The company was founded on November

The first factory of YO-LIN Monofilament Co., Ltd. had started to produce.
It started the production of monofilament for fishing net and Nylon 6.



Research and development sewing line and output.


The second factory of YO-LIN Monofilament Co., Ltd. had started.

Research and development tire cord



Research and development Nylon 66 and weaving line.


Started to establish

Started to establish the Third factory of YO-LIN Monofilament Co., Ltd.


The third factory was started.

The third factory was started.


Research and development polyester

Certifications of ISO9001: 2008

Corporate Operation Concept

Creating energetic and innovative atmosphere

Creating positive energy cycling and creating atmosphere of profit gaining in different sides are always the business operation indexes of YO-LIN Monofilament Co., Ltd.; meanwhile, YO-LIN Monofilament Co., Ltd. has paid attention to the incubation of human resource in order to create solid team. It has connection to customers to achieve consensus, constructed friendly and interactive among three sides, therefore, it wishes will be growing stronger and contribute to society in the future.

Certifications of ISO9001: 2015.
Research and development polyester.